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Regardless of where you are in your career path (seeking a similar job, changing career paths, starting a business or active retirement), we work with you to explore your options, create a realistic vision and roadmap and serve as a continuous point of contact throughout the entire career transition process.

New Path Career Coaching works with you to create a custom career toolkit and provide one-on-one coaching, including personal branding, job search strategy refinement, interview preparation and offer negotiation. Our goal is to see you land a new role in less time with less stress!

Client Testimonials

"I had the privilege of working with Sue when I was in between jobs. I received constructive feedback which led to some changes on my resume. Sue also helped me with my cover letter and some things to expect and look for while hunting for a new position. The end result - I was employed in another position with minimal time between.

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"Susan is a real gem! She goes above and beyond at each and every meeting. Her personalism is extraordinary. She just "gets it". I highly recommend working with her!"

"When I went back searching for a professional opportunity again, it was not by choice. I was frustrated. I did not know what direction to take nor what I was looking for in my next career opportunity. Sue gave me options and encouragement to be confident on my skills, and what I had to offer. She transformed my resume in a way that I wanted to hire myself!! She guided and advised me week after week through the process of interviewing, follows up... until I landed in a new job. Those were challenging times for me; where I questioned my abilities and the possibility to find employment again, she was key in the process, always there to help, even the weekends. I recommend Sue to anyone who wants a career change or is going through the pain of finding a job. She is awesome!


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Resume Development

We will use our years of experience to dive deep in to the content of your resume and revamp it so that it reflects your talents, professional experience, passions and values ensuring it gets the attention it deserves and is able to be uploaded in to ever evolving web-based Applicant Tracking Systems.

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Personal Branding

We help you discover your untapped potential and tell your personal story - including refining your LinkedIn profile, portfolio and your overall social media presence to prepare you to stand out from other candidates. We help you learn about what motivates you and your workstyle preferences so that your next role will be an optimal fit.

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One on One Coaching

We work with you as your "Coach" guiding you on the entire career transition process, offering advice and encouragement, with a goal of helping you land a new role faster. We also offer assessments for those seeking a career change as well as life coaching for those struggling with the difficult and often stressful transition process.

Susan Sweenie

Susan Sweenie, author of Branding You - A Guide to Crafting Your Personal Brand for Career Success, is a dynamic Career Coach, Certified Life Coach, experienced Operations Leader and trusted Business Advisor. She is passionate about helping others reach their full potential and land their next role while gaining new skills along the way. Her experience in Human Resources as a Recruiter allows her to lend a unique perspective to the hiring process and her 20+ years in Marketing and Social Media has equipped her with an entrepreneurial mindset that she lends to her clients who want to successfully rebrand themselves as they actively compete for new roles. Her positive attitude and ability to work well with all levels of the C-suite is well sought after.

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